Protect your

€1000+ Smartphone
with a €75 mirroring
device you can afford to
lose, when on the move.
DKooi works without internet!

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Dkooi, the device you can afford to lose.   


Dkooi mirrors your real phone

It is a fact that we tend to invest heavily in getting cool smart gadgets – especially phones – as the small luxuries we allow ourselves to indulge in without regrets. As such, it is important to protect your actual phone in order to realize maximum benefit from it. Dkooi works offline, keeping connected without the need of internet.

A creative solution that will protect your valuable asset!

Introducing Dkooi, a € 75 decoy phone that mirrors your real flagship €1000 phone when on the move. This will enable you to keep your expensive phone safely in your backpack or handbag when in public while you control it using the Dkooi decoy phone which basically shows what is on your real phone.

Peace of mind assured!

No one likes that slow-creeping feeling of insecurity that is common when using one’s phone out there be it in public transport or when walking out on the streets. Never worry again about your top of the line phone being stolen, dropped on the concrete floor, or lost somewhere when travelling from home to work or on holiday. With Dkooi, constantly looking over your shoulder will now be a thing of the past. You can now protect your expensive phone from damage, public theft, or even losing it when traveling by deploying Dkooi in its stead. This is an invention that will truly transform your life.

Enjoy your travels without breaking your stride.

Dkooi works just like your actual phone, mirroring its contents effortlessly, and is operated via touchscreen without the need of internet. Working both indoors and outdoors including in the subway, this alternative makes it possible for you to access the contents of your actual phone smoothly and seamlessly from making and picking calls to opening various apps and listening to music. All this without skipping a beat in going about your daily life.